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Earlier this year I did a photoshoot with Robert, a friend of mine. He is an airsoft enthusiast with a passion for military effects and radio communications. We had talked about doing a soldier-themed session for a while and had discussed a lot of different possibilities. We planned for a shoot in a nearby abandoned bunker facility and decided that an upcoming public holiday was a good time to do it since we would both have the day off.

Originally we had planned on bringing more people into the shoot, but they bailed on us and Robert ended up doing all the modelling alone.  I think they regretted it later on when they saw the results, however.

IMG_0640The bunker facility consisted of a set of underground tunnels in a hillside. There were some random openings for manned posts, lookout spots and a main central room deep in the middle of the hill. There was of course no electricity down there so it was completely dark and full of spiders and other night creatures.

We started off by scouting the whole location, trying to pick the spot for our shoot. As we entered the most inner room in the lower level we got a bit of a surprise. There was this scary smurf/clown hanging down from the side of the door, ambushing everyone who came inside. A creature setup from sticks and stones with a white hard hat and some gloves. It turned out to be a geocache and it had a few visitors later on in the day.

FullSizeRender-2I set up three lights for the shoot. A speedlite in the back with a Fong lightsphere on a monkey grip. A speedlite above the opening we used with a strip box and a speedlite with a soft box in the front. I used a 70D and Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 and Sigma EX 50-150mm f/2.8.

This particular shot however was a capture done in-between flash recycles, only my backlight fired and created this great dark mood. All the other photos from the same session have a very different light, but I decided to keep this one even though it was created by accident. My exposure settings here is iso 200 88mm, f/5,6, 1/125sec.

The featured photo was recently awarded as a contest finalist in a viewbug competition.

Win Contest Finalist

Other published photos from the same photo session:

This was a very fun theme to shoot and big thanks to him for being a great model and contributor.

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